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An Opportunity to be Better Equipped

We provide services in the field of supply and distribution of medical consumables to hospitals, clinics, specialized medical clinics, veterinary centers, and medical diagnostic offices. Our goal is to supply high-quality medical products with high medical standards.
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Consumable Medical Products

High Quality Medical Products

Our main goal is to supply high-quality medical products with high medical standards.

Patients Utmost Ease and Comfort

our products are designed in a way to promote patients utmost ease and comfort, lowering their stress during their hospital stays.

Reaching Beyond the Borders of Iran

GT Medical Company has aimed to provide medical products, needs, and demands outside the borders of Iran.

what we do

Better Protect Your Loved Ones

We help you better equipped your hospital. With our Medical goods better protect people and health care heroes.

Clean and Protected Medical Environment

With Our PE Products experience a clean and bacterial free environment for yourself and your patients.

Better Hygiene and Immunity to Infections

Medical clothes and gowns are needed as personal protective equipment in the health care environment. With our disposable clothes equip better.

Safety Comes First

When it comes to the disposal of hospital needles and sharps , it is the safety of the health care personnel that matters the most. We offer you the protection that they need with our safety boxes.

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Team Leaders of GT Medical

our team is pleased to offer the protection you need. We are eager to communicate with the companies, hospitals, and medical centers from all over the world to meet their needs.


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