Tissue laminate Bed Sheet Roll


Weight: 900g
Material: Tissue laminated Sheet
Color: White
Grammage: 38g
Package: one/box
Product Code:

Tissue laminate Bed Sheet Roll medical is a crucial item in healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals. It is made from a combination of tissue paper and polyethylene film, which makes it strong and durable enough to withstand frequent use and washing. The bed sheet acts as a barrier between the patient and the mattress, preventing the spread of infection and disease. Additionally, it is waterproof, protecting the mattress from spills and stains.

Tissue laminate bed sheet medical comes in various sizes to fit different types of beds, including standard hospital beds, pediatric beds, and bariatric beds. It also comes in different colors to help with color-coding for specific patient needs or preferences.

Overall, Tissue laminate Bed Sheet Roll is an essential item for any healthcare facility that wants to maintain high standards of hygiene and infection control. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and provides an important layer of protection for both patients and staff. By using tissue laminate bed sheets medical facilities can ensure that their patients are comfortable while also keeping them safe from infections. can ensure that their patients are comfortable can ensure that their patients are comfortable 


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