Disposable Pants

  • Made of of non woven material
  • Good air circulation 
  • Able to absorb more secretions 
  • Comfortable, breathable, and flexible





  • Color: blue & pink
  • Height: 100 cm 
  • Weight: 62 g 
  • Material: Non woven 38 gsm SMS
  • Size: Free size
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Asepsis: non sterile
  • Single Use: yes
  • Product code:


Disposable Pants is another type of hospital garment like hospital gowns or blouses, used by patients in different hospital departments such as, CCU, ICU, operating room, and radiology. When a patient attends hospital they may be asked to wear hospital garments for different procedures like colonoscopy. Apart from the hygienic aspect of these clothes, these garments are perceived as a way of equalizing the patients by putting all of them in the same equal state. 


Types of Disposable Pants 

There are two types of hospital pants: reusable and nonrenewable. The disposable nature of our hospital pants makes hospitals independent of accepting additional costs such as electricity, water, detergents, and chemicals for the washing and sterilization process. It also eliminates the need for individuals to be forced into washing their clothes for personal hygiene.


Our disposable pants provide patients with ease and modesty. These trousers are made from non woven, SMS material and the cotton used in them allows for good air circulation, preventing the patient from sweating and promoting their comfort and ease. Besides, the material used in them is designed in a way to absorb more secretions such as blood and bodily fluids from the patient’s body, helping to prevent odor and discomfort for both the patient and those around them. In addition, GT Medical is able to provide gowns made up of higher or lower gsm fabric, starting from 17 up to 90 gsm. 





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